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Here's some of the best New Jack Swing you'll find in Canada, courtesy of yours truly:

The Maestro.png

The Maestro

Release Date: TBA

Accordion (Mega Drive Vibe) [with Funk Killa]

Twonny (Friday Night) [with Ryako]

Do You: The Chimixx (with DJ Chidow)

Lover's Pain: Instrumentals & B Sides (with DJ Chidow)

Quartz Quadrant: Jazz Future (with DJ Chidow)

HANDS UP! The Album (with DJ Chidow and the cast of Joel G's HANDS UP series)

As I Wanna Be Remix (with Negro Justice)

Lover's Pain (EP)

Mobi's Melody

Winter NiGHTS 2K19

No Game (ft. Yangsta)

Timbits: Vadell's Selections

King of Swing (feat. Coco Rose)

Mega Drive Vibe (ft. Game Genie Sokolov & Yangsta)

Cody T Is Mayor (Co-Prod SCSI of Notable Electronic Sounds)

Round Robin (Feat. Busta Scriptaz)

Blast Processing (with Notable Electronic Sounds)

Rule Five (Maxi Single)

Timbits: The Second Batch


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